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Graphic Design & Marketing Services

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What is different about SVSD?

"As a marketer and graphic designer, my path has always taken me down the road less traveled. Rather than viewing projects or an industry within strict parameters, I prefer to view the world in all of its many angles, industries, cultures and colors.

A key understanding within marketing and design is the importance of maintaining the balance and integration between the two, while achieving timely execution and allowing the creativity it takes in designing something great. Working within various companies and industries from consumer products to construction, and architectural design, the common denominator is in grasping what makes the consumer or client excited about their product and they in-turn can transfer that energy and excitement to their employees, customers or consumers.

Soundviewsonic Design is about the passion in combining both – Effective marketing includes multiple perspectives and the ability to produce great campaigns, Effective design is the perfect partner to convey the right message to the audience in the way THEY receive it.

It’s about building the connection between your product and your ideal audience and feeling good about that exchange both in profit and brand relationship. We all want to feel like we’re part of something, not just being sold into something. Humanize business, we’re all in this together."

- Liz Martland, Graphic designer & Owner of Soundviewsonic Design (SVSD).


Print & Web Design

Print designs can be applied digitally as well but are primary used in hard copy print form. Some examples include: advertisements, brochures and flyers, product catalogs, social media graphics, book cover design and layout and more.

Logo Design

Logos are essential to any brand, make sure you have the one that best represents your company.

Event Promotions

Stand out among the rest of the booths at a tradeshow or conference. Examples include booth design, social media & advertisements, banners and other marketing promotions.




It was a pleasure to work with Liz! She’s organized, skillful, and a great person to collaborate with. She was always respectful of others input and ideas. Her passion for design shines through her work!

McKenna Thibault, Q - Tran

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